Tetsugaku Letra volume 5 - Sahara Mizu

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remake / speedpaint-turned-finished-piece.


remake / speedpaint-turned-finished-piece.

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Anonymous said: Hello. I really admire your work. Even if you have your own “style”/”trace” in every drawing you do, you can yet recognize the character. I mean, for example, your Trevor/Michael still looks like Trevor/Michael. How you make/create the likeness in your drawings? I love many characters and I want to draw them, but when I try to, they don’t look alike.

hello, thanks! yeah, it’s tricky isn’t it? I’d say just watch your favorite television show and doodle a bunch of actor’s heads with variations, and see which ones feel most like the character they’re playing. Emphasis on ‘feel’, not ‘look’ - you can get away with changing things or using shorthands, so long as you indicate whatever you think are their trademark features strongly.. e.g. I like to interpret my fav Lostie as an egg with 3 beautiful essentials:


just observe measurements with care if you’d like more realistic likenesses. tooons are much more exciting imo but sometimes you wanna draw more on-model otp art for those m-rated videogames yanno

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just because i ship it doesnt mean i expect it to become canon


A bunch of hopeless jerks said this baby was as good as dead. That makes this even better. <— Click the link for full article. :)

This is Biscuits. The little baby was found on the ground by someone just walking by on the sidewalk. Biscuits is a southern flying squirrel was half-dead, baking in the Florida sun. The man took her in immediately and began rehabilitating her. He was told by others that he didn’t have enough experience to save her and that she would die. As it turns out… they were all wrong. His love and devotion to this little squirrel saved her. Her recovery is one of the cutest things ever.

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"I need to purify this world"
11 frames, toonator.


"I need to purify this world"

11 frames, toonator.

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Hi everyone, it’s that time again. I need to make at least $50 as soon as possible ;_; …

I accept money through Paypal only! For those interested please contact me at gunouflage[at]gmail[dot]com (this is not my Paypal email) and give me the specifics (references, character/s age/s and personality/ties, and if you have any other requests such as expressions, poses, etc etc). I can draw some things, fan art or original is ok, just not mecha / robotic things. I can do nsfw poses too (if you want samples, just ask)

Thank you for looking! Signal boosting is appreciated! :^D!


Don’t you hate it when there’s a perfect opportunity for lesbians and the writers just don’t?

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